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I've  been working in photography and visual arts for over twenty years yet I continue to explore the art and look for all manner of subjects and people to help me develop my visual creations. I feel the world of art is too expansive to limit yourself and I seek out inspiration from people, objects, and nature. Beauty can be found everywhere. 


The most important part of my photographic process is building the relationship I have with my client. When you feel relaxed and comfortable working with the photographer it comes through as your best self in the images I create. This is so much more important than any specific photographic technique or equipment. I create an image with meaning and emotion because I help bring your emotion into the image. You can view my non-portrait work at


I'm currently in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom and only taking on personal projects and not working for hire. If you are a fellow artist and would like to collaborate on a project reach out, I'm always happy to collaborate with other artists on projects. If you are a model in the UK that would like to work with me please get in touch.


Thanks for your time,


Jeffrey Wright


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