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Information for Models

If you are a model interested in working with me, whether it be to expand your profile, practice new looks or poses, or just create something fun and artistic, let me know! I love collaborating with artistic models and would love to put a shoot together with you. I'm open for trade or paid shoots depending on my availability and interest in the project.


Within this special models only section of my website you can find a sample of a model release I use, a theme idea generator I created to spark ideas, and more.


If you'd like to hire or work with me visit my contact page to get in touch. If you think you might be good for a project or idea of mine please send me your rate sheet.


The most important part of my photographic process is building the relationship I have with my client, whether that be with a paying client or a model I'm working with. When you feel relaxed and comfortable working with the photographer it comes through as your best self in the images I create. This is so much more important than any specific photographic technique or equipment. I create an image with meaning and emotion because I help bring your emotion into the image.


Jeffrey Wright



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