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With over twenty years experience working in photography and over fifteen offering private instruction I've learned to develop a learning plan based on knowledge, ability, and individual needs of my students. I've listed some sample instruction packages here but can build an individualized instruction package to meet most people's financial needs if they are passionate about photography. I specialize in teaching those who are looking for long term mentorship and development of their artistic skills beyond the basics of how to use a camera.

With decades of photographic experience, a patient attitude, and great enthusiasm for the art of photography I'll provide you with training and mentorship for you whether you're are just starting out in photography and don't know your f-stops from your iso or have been practicing for years been wish to delve deeper into the art and desire a mentor who can challenge you to improve your art. 


Although there are many free photographic resources available on the internet, especially in places like youtube, most instructors are really just recommending or teaching you how to use certain pieces of equipment. The art of photography is often neglected. For those instructors that do teach the artistic side of photography, the instruction can be difficult to follow when you aren't with them in person. What I provide is in-person hands-on training personalized to fit your level of knowledge and experience. We'll have a discussion about your experience level and level of interest before your class where I'll get the information I need to personalize your class experience. You'll learn that although professionals will market themselves in certain specialties, understanding of photographic art principles are applicable across styles and genres and you'll learn skills to help you improve your photography whether you want to create landscape, portrait, still life images, or just about any other style of photography.


For those that just want to learn about equipment, I'm probably not the teacher for you. If you want to learn why it isn't the camera or lens that makes the image great, that you need to learn how to see compositionally and learn to read light and shadow, then let's talk!

Basic Private Instruction

This is perfect for beginner photographers who are struggling with understanding some of the basic operations of their camera and photographic principles such as the effect of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and depth of field. I'll provide instruction for you or a group (up to three). By the end of the lesson you'll have a solid foundation in understanding the differences between camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, histograms, and the advantages or disadvantages of the camera's basic exposure modes.


Class length: 120 minutes

Location: varies

Cost: $80.00

Intermediate Private Instruction

You'll move beyond the basics of learning camera and exposure fundamentals and learn the basics of composition, how to begin to visualize a scene photographically, and how go beyond the technical aspects of photography into the artistry of it. This is in person live one on one or small group instruction in the field. After the instruction, you'll receive specific lessons to develop both your technical and artistic skills and have the opportunity to have your instructor provide useful feedback on your images.


Class length: 3 hours in-person training, access to members only forum on my website, plus continuing mentorship after class completion.

Location: varies

Cost: $250.00

Working with Models

If you want to learn how to work with models this is the class for you. You'll learn everything from how to find models to work with, how much it might cost to hire a model, and how to work with them on a shoot. Part of the class will be instructional, part will involve an interview with a model to hear their perspective on their craft, and part will involve an assisted shoot with a model. The class is individual or up to three people.


Class length: 3 hours

Location: varies

Cost: $600.00

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