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working with me

It's important to me that any model or assistant on a shoot with me is as comfortable, confident, and relaxed as possible. I want to help ensure things go as smoothly as possible for both of us to help create great images! To help make our experience together be a great one I've create a list of things you can expect from me and some things I expect of the model. While there may be shoots that are more difficult than others, you should always feel like you can say no to a request or stop a shoot you aren't happy with..

What you can expect before the shoot

  • Communication, either in person, phone, text, or email establishing the details of the shoot including the date, time, and location as well as the general theme of the shoot.

  • A shoot list containing hair and make and clothing details we will have discussed and the general types of moods, looks, and posing I'm after. 

  • Inspiration: Typically, I'll share an inspiration board and description of the look and feel I'm going for in the shoot. I also have some pre-existing inspiration boards I've created you can take a look at. Some shoots will be of a less planned and more spontaneous nature.

  • Model Release form either sent to you ahead of time digitally or a physical form provided at the time of the shoot.

What you can expect during the shoot

  • Posing direction. The amount of direction I provide for posing will depend on the model. My expectation is that the model will be much better at posing than I am but I will provide general guidance and tweaks to get the looks I"m after. Ideally the model will do well with posing on their own but will take suggestions and guidance as needed or provided.

  • Rest breaks. I can sometimes become so focused the world around me disappears! I'll always try to build some rest breaks into the shoot though and anytime you need a break don't hesitate to ask!

  • Water and snacks. You know the needs of your body better than I do so I always recommend bringing what you need for fuel but I also try to always have at least some water and snacks at the shoot to keep us going.

  • Banter. I love chatting with other artists and getting to know the models I shoot with. If you'd rather not share that's totally fine but I hope we can talk and get to know each other better!

What you can expect after the shoot

  • Post shoot follow up will largely depend on the purpose of the shoot.

    • Trade shoots

      • Online gallery allowing you to view online or download your images. You can expect one or two of my favorite images from the shoot within a few days unless they require extensive post production work.

      • Access to all the shots I've deemed acceptable quality as I finish editing them, this is usually five to ten or more images available to you within a couple weeks after the shoot.

    • You've hired me

      • Online gallery allowing you to view and select your images; the quantities you receive will depend on the contract we've worked out for the shoot.

      • The ability to download the number of images you've paid for as well as the ability to purchase additional images for download or print.

      • The timeframe to receive your images will vary depending on the complexity of editing from the shoot but will typically be one to two weeks for every five images selected.

    • I've hired you.

      • If I've hired you for a shoot I will still provide an online gallery with thumbnails of your images so you can see how they turned out. I'll typically provide you with one or two complementary shots for your portfolio if you'd like them. 

    • FAQ

      • "Do I get all the images?" Regardless of the type of shoot (tfp, paid, etc) I rarely provide every shot. There are always a few that get rejected based on technical details such as the model blinking or me having missed focus or exposure on a shot. Rest assured there will be plenty of good shots to choose from.

      • "Do I get the raw files or the negatives?" My process of creating a final photograph consists of much more than simply taking the picture with the camera. Whether shooting digital or film the taking of the picture is just one step in the process of creating artistic images. The raw files or negatives are not meant to be viewed on their own and exist to be turned into the final image, therefore, they will remain archived with me.

      • "Do I have to sign a model release?"

        • If we are doing a TFP shoot or I'm hiring you for a project it will be necessary to have you sign a release. I've made every effort to make my release clear and easy to understand and fair to both myself and the model. You can view my general release here.

        • If you are hiring me, we will usually have a letter of agreement (short contract) that specifies what you will allow your images to be used for (if anything). Although it's not legally required to have permission to use the images for marketing, promotion, or portfolio use, I want you to feel safe and comfortable and I would ask your permission in the agreement before doing so. 

Expectations and recommended prep for models

  • Communication, either in person, phone, or text, confirming your availability for the full time of the shoot

  • Timely arrival at the shoot. Delays happen and it's totally understandable to hit traffic or have parking problems causing you to be a few minutes late. It's not so cool to be more than ten or fifteen minutes late, or to cancel, without contacting me to explain the situation.

  • Hair and makeup: Please have this completed (other than touch-ups) before the start time of the shoot (unless it's been arranged to have hair and makeup on set).

  • Hair Removal: It's recommended that any body parts you typically shave or remove hair from in other ways are treated a couple days before, and not immediately before the shoot, Hair removal right before a shoot can often leave cuts, razor burn, marks, etc. that will take additional production work to remove.

  • Nails: If you are going to have painted nails (fingers or toes) make sure they are freshly painted in good shape unless the photoshoot theme calls for something else. For nail color wear clear polish or a French Manicure unless the color is discussed in advance. Please remove any polish that is chipped or cracked unless it is discussed as part of the style of the photoshoot.

  • Clothing marks: If you are going to be modeling in clothing that will show skin areas such as when wearing swimwear or lingerie, or especially if posing nude, please wear loose fitting clothing before the shoot for at least a few hours to ensure there are no elastic or other clothing marks on your skin.

  • Rest: Arrive well rested and focused. Things like minor skin blemishes are fairly easy to fix in post-production but it's very difficult to fix tired, sleepy eyes. 

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