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What can I do for you?


There is much more to creating great photographic images than pushing a button on a camera. A truly professional photographer will be able to provide you with an experience that is comfortable, straightforward, and makes the whole process easy to understand.


I specialize in individual and small group and event portraits. This work can include everything from a headshot, a traditional portrait, a romantic boudoir image for yourself or a loved one, to small parties, gatherings, and weddings.


I have different pricing options to suit different budgets and needs. I have some sample prices published on my website but if you have certain needs or a budget that isn't represented please don't hesitate to contact me about your project. I can customize my pricing to fit your needs I don't charge for short consultations so let me know your budget and I'll see if I can make it work for you.


With decades of photographic experience, a patient attitude, and great enthusiasm for the art of photography I'll provide you with training and mentorship for you whether you're are just starting out in photography and don't know your f-stops from your iso or have been practicing for years been wish to delve deeper into the art and desire a mentor who can challenge you to improve your art. 


Although there are many free photographic resources available on the internet, especially in places like youtube, most instructors are really just recommending or teaching you how to use certain pieces of equipment. The art of photography is often neglected. For those instructors that do teach the artistic side of photography, the instruction can be difficult to follow when you aren't with them in person. What I provide is in-person hands-on training personalized to fit your level of knowledge and experience. We'll have a discussion about your experience level and level of interest before your class where I'll get the information I need to personalize your class experience. You'll learn that although professionals will market themselves in certain specialties, understanding of photographic art principles are applicable across styles and genres and you'll learn skills to help you improve your photography whether you want to create landscape, portrait, still life images, or just about any other style of photography.


For those that just want to learn about equipment, I'm probably not the teacher for you. If you want to learn why it isn't the camera or lens that makes the image great, that you need to learn how to see compositionally and learn to read light and shadow, then let's talk! 

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